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Apr 12, 2024 - WhatsApp Plus Free
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Whatsapp Plus is a modification for Whatsapp while offering a plethora of additional features for your ease. Whatsapp is a prominent way of delivering your messages and sharing your media with an end-to-end encryption method. However, it lacks multiple privacy features that users demand a lot. So the third party came ahead and started to work on it.

The senior member of XDAMr Rafalete has developed the Whatsapp Plus as an improved version of GBWhatsapp Pro. He added some additional features while changing the source code of the official app. Because of the modded version, the app will not be available on Google Play Store.

Customized User-interface

Unlike the official app, here you have the option of tweaking any part of the main screen according to your requirements. No matter, whether it is font, color, theme, or anything else. So change everything, and give a unique and attractive look to your char screen.

Dark Mode

A lot of users use their social media apps including Whatsapp at night, after freeing up from their routine activities. The Dark Mode is the best solution to save your eyesight while using WhatsApp at night. 

Stickers & Emojis

A step ahead of the official app while using emoticons and stickers for your conversation. A great variety is waiting for you to select and make your conversation impressive and unique. You have the option to import your favorite emojis from Google Hangouts to enrich your already expanded library. 


In official WhatsApp, you can only change the chat wallpaper, and nothing more changing is possible. Whereas, Whatsapp Plus offers the facility of using a beautiful collection of themes of more than 700 for ease of selection and application. 

Share multimedia 

WhatsApp has a lot of restrictions for sharing your multimedia files such as compression, size, etc. Whatsapp Plus the sharing process has been tried to improve, as there is no need to compress the file, or breaking into parts, so you won’t have any quality complaints just like Whatsapp. 

Direct Contacting

In WhatsApp, we have to save the phone number first, and then we can contact the person i.e. call, message, or share file. Here, we have the facility to directly contact anyone without adding him/her to our contact list.

Hide Last Seen

If you don’t want to show your online status but want to view others as wee. Simply go to settings, and set your Last Seen option as you like. 

Hide Blue Ticks

Blue ticks are the sign that you have not only received but also read the message as well, and the sender would probably be waiting for your reply, but you are busy, and not in a position to reply on the spot. You can hide the blue ticks option from settings and get rid of creating any awkward situation.

 Pin your Chat

The pinning of chat functionally is awesome on Whatsapp Plus, as you can pin up to 1000 chats with one click. It is a reliable feature, especially for people who have large contact lists including groups. 

Create Groups

Groups are the major facility for contacting multiple people at one time. In official WhatsApp, you can add a limited number of contacts, but here the broad canvas is available to add how many people you want. You can chat with any specific person added to a group in private also. 

Call Privacy

Simply select the people from your contacts who can call you. It is the best way of avoiding the person who irritates you via constant calling, or even avoid spam calling as well. 

Support Multiple Languages

An innovative feature that enables the users to talk to any person, no matter what type of language he belongs. Simply enable Translator, and translate the language into your mother tongue. The supported languages are English, Arabic, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Bahasha, Azerbaijani, etc. 

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