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Psiphon developed by Psiphon Inc. works as a VPN client to circumvent network censorship. It was designed for Android devices, but now you can use it for your PC as well. Network censorship for multiple reasons creates an irritating situation, when we love to browse limitlessly, but there are lots of limitations that prevent us. 

A lot thanks for multiple services including Psiphon which have made our online surfing quite easy and safe while providing the SSH and SSH+ protocols. It very quickly connects you with nearby servers and allows you to browse anonymously without losing your data and speed. 

Support P2P System

Psiphon as a Virtual Private Network offers P2P system services for ease to bypass the censorship of different countries for specific regions. It creates a foolproof connection between you and the internet. It bypasses all types of censorship i.e. countries censorships, companies, censorships, or even the censorships of your own country, corporation, or your school. You can use the big wizard not for your Android, but for your Windows PC, and even for Mac version as well.  

Easy Setup

The simple and easy setup allows you to get your preferred results within seconds. Simply, download and install it, and launch it on your system. A security alert will appear on your screen, you need to click ‘Run the client program’, and go on with an auto-connection. You need to enter into SSH or SSH+ mode if you want to run the PC, it will set automatically proxy settings to Windows System.

Access to Domestic Traffic

At the start, your connection will show only the international traffic tunnel and not the domestic traffic tunnel. So you can enable it, by simply going to the settings option, and checking the box next to ‘don’t proxy domestic websites’, and you are capable of tracking as well as keeping note of any occurring issue.

Select your Server

When you start with Psiphon, you have to select a server from the list of 20 different countries. It is better to select the server that is close to your region to get the best and quick results. You have options such as UK, USA, Spain, India, Canada, Switzerland, etc. on selecting the server; you are directed to a new window with details of your new IP address.

Dependable Speed

No doubt, the speed offered by Psiphon is fantastic, as you can stream any of your videos at 1080p or above resolution. But, it all depends upon the network you are using. If the internet connection is stable and strong, you will get better results. So it is better to try different network connections to set your connection with the best one. 

Open-source Program

Psiphon serves as an open-source, so you can easily access to source code and modify it if you can do so. The feature is the best option to enhance the capabilities of the program by adding improvements by other users, and it also helps the increase the transparency that is of course rare in the VPN community. 

Safe and Secure

The program offers a safe and secure connection, and there are very less chances to get access to your data, or browsing activities. But it has some rules, such as your way internet provider, sort of turning the incognito mode, and other such things that can be examined by the program. But your browsing activities, chats, or downloads are completely encrypted without any interference.  

Psiphon Pro

Psiphon is available free of charge with a GPLv3 license, and anyone can download and install it. But if you want some extra features such as avoiding advertisement; you have to move to the Pro version. Here you will find a better experience including the optimized use of VPN, avoiding any type of censorship, etc.


  • Simply and easy processing
  • No need for registration
  • Open-source
  • Free of charge


  • Glitches and failure to proxy settings to normal
  • Not legally allowed in some countries
  • Speed depends upon the internet connection

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